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 Amd Scorpion

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 Stealth Bomber


 Dragon Server

Welcome To Powell Customs.

We do to computers, what West Coast Choppers do to Harley's!

Here at Powell Customs, we believe that your personal computer should be just that, personal! We believe that the customer should get what they truly want, not what big brand name manufacturers think you need. We strive to completely satisfy our customers need for a machine that does what they need it to do. We are not a manufacturer of computes, but the hands that can make your computer into the machine you need it to be.

Web projects

Let us create you new website!


We work from scratch or with existing computers and try as hard as we can to build what you want. From custom paint jobs, lights, windows, fans, grills, to specialty wiring. If you want it, we will find a way to do it! We can help you with anything from simple add-on's,  to elaborate multitasking servers. We work with you one on one to make sure you get what you want! So, if you need a new computer, or just want to revamp the one you have, we are the only company you need! Powell Customs, putting personal back in PC. Email us, and we will get started to work for you!